Those of you who have an affinity for steam punk and Sci-Fi films laden with futuristic tech, like Strange Days and Blade Runner, are going to love this.

Hellocomputer tapped into Castle Lite’s extraordinary beer drinking experience and broke new ground in innovation: the perfect head to beer ratio draught, poured at -4 degrees, every time a man thought about it.

Introducing: The Extra Cold Mind Reader

A machine designed to read your thoughts and act on your will – for Extra Cold Castle Lite. Hellocomputer’s conceptual creation was a true first and an extraordinary development of the beer drinking experience. To sum it up, this in an interface that operates on mind control and dispenses Extra Cold Castle Lite by the power of thought.
With our friends at Thingking on board to help build this dream machine, we were able to show the world that when you put your mind to it (and by ‘it,’ we mean beer) you can do anything.

The Extra Cold Mind Reader utilises an EEG headset which records brain waves along the scalp by measuring the brain’s spontaneous electrical activity over a short period of time. The device is set to detect conscious thought, emotion and facial expression allowing the user to control their experience.

By measuring the user’s concentration levels over a period of time, we were able to trigger a draught pour; the more the user could focus on Extra Cold, the more draught was poured.

Combined with immersive visual and audio effects in an interactive game where the user has to keep cool under pressure, an extraordinary experience occurs, culminating in a beer pour and all through the power of thought.

See the Extra Cold Mind Reader test a man’s resolve for yourselves and watch the video below: